Quality Statement

The quality and reliability of the company’s products are the concern of every person in the organization. It includes the belief that quality comes from the skill, and hard work of the staff managing livestock. We believe quality cannot be inspected into a product but is the result of team effort and diligence.

Our quality insistence approach is the key to quality production, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To help achieve this objective, Food Safety issues arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with immediate response, technical expertise and effectiveness. The methods employed are continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever possible.

Lubrigold Farm’s commitment is to provide safe food to our customers. Our staff are well trained especially in the aspect of disease control and health sustenance of our livestock. High hygienic standards are enforced in our farms at all times for public safety and to meet up to our consumers’ nutritional expectations.

We work to make “Choosing Lubrigold, choosing wisely”.